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To assist you on the path to the right Femarelle® product, we will go through two simple steps. Please follow the flow and you will find YOUR match that will “Rejuvenate” your senses, ”Recharge” your energies and make you “Unstoppable.” Welcome to the Femarelle® line!

Choose first symptom
Changes in your mood and feelings of sadness without any apparent cause
A feeling of energy drainage & fatigue
A sudden feeling of heat that seems to come out of nowhere and spread through your face and body. They can include sweating, palpitations and blushing.
Fluctuations in sexual desire and decreased interest in sex
Bones become weaker and more fragile
A lack of moisture that may itch and burn and can lead to painful intercourse
Trouble sleeping or in your sleeping pattern
Mood swings

Declining estrogen levels or hormonal fluctuations can make you feel like you are in a constant state of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Irritability and feelings of sadness are the most common emotional symptoms of the transition phase prior or during menopause. These emotional changes are normal but can be distressing, as there is no apparent reason for their occurrence, so it is difficult to know how to control them.

You may also experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating and a general lack of motivation, as well as tension, anxiety and aggressiveness with friends and family.

These symptoms can be managed; you do not need to suffer.

Are you suffering from additional symptoms? Please choose below.

Any more symptoms?
Low energy
Hot flushes
Decreased libido
Bone loss
Vaginal dryness
Sleep disturbance

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