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Choose first symptom
Changes in your mood and feelings of sadness without any apparent cause
A feeling of energy drainage & fatigue
A sudden feeling of heat that seems to come out of nowhere and spread through your face and body. They can include sweating, palpitations and blushing.
Fluctuations in sexual desire and decreased interest in sex
Bones become weaker and more fragile
A lack of moisture that may itch and burn and can lead to painful intercourse
Trouble sleeping or in your sleeping pattern
Bone loss

There is a direct relationship between the decline of estrogen following menopause and the progression of bone loss. Your bones are made of living, growing tissue; for women, estrogen is a major player in the bone-building process. With the reduction of estrogen levels following menopause, bone resorption (breakdown) overtakes the building of new bone, so that women undergo a gradual but steady process of bone loss.

Once women reach menopause, their decline in estrogen accelerates the process of bone loss by as much as 2-4% a year. This process leads to low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, resulting in bone fragility and greater susceptibility to fractures, particularly in the hip, spine and wrist.

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Any more symptoms?
Mood swings
Low energy
Hot flushes
Decreased libido
Bone loss
Vaginal dryness
Sleep disturbance
Sleep disturbance

You are looking for a product to help you deal your sleep disturbance.

Changes in hormone levels have an impact on your sleeping patterns. As many as 61% of menopausal women report symptoms of sleep disturbance. While total sleep time may not suffer, sleep quality does. This has both a physical and emotional impact as fatigue becomes part of your life.

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Bone loss
Our recommendation

Femarelle® Unstoppable


If you are searching to improve your bone health and vaginal health, Femarelle® Unstoppable is for you.

Femarelle® Unstoppable will assist you in detaining the development of post-menopausal conditions and will provide you prolonged quality of life. The unique properties of Femarelle® Unstoppable provide you with an exclusive product that not only maintains good bone health but also increases bone mineral density. It also allows a low amount of calcium intake, thus avoiding unnecessary possible calcification*.

With Femarelle® Unstoppable, you can enjoy:

  • Prolonged bone health through its unique bone-rebuilding mechanism *
  • Vaginal health *
  • Joint and muscle flexibility *
  • Better sleep
  • Improved energy levels and decreased mood swings *

Femarelle® Unstoppable will improve your quality of life, allowing you to build a healthy and vibrant life style that you deserve.

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