• Astrid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    I sleep normal again!

    Astrid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • Catie G

    Quality of life has been given back to me, it’s priceless.

    Catie G

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  • Debbie Kent, UK


    Debbie Kent, UK

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  • Toula, Nicosia, Cyprus

      Alternative solution.

    Toula, Nicosia, Cyprus

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  • Lija, Latvia, The Baltics

      I would wake up in the middle of the night, covered in a cold sweat.

    Lija, Latvia, The Baltics

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  • Martha Kellogg, Miami, Florida, USA

    I feel relieved to have a product that really does help me with my menopausal symptoms and health concerns.

    Martha Kellogg, Miami, Florida, USA

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  • Roversgirl1

    Femarelle really works!


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  • Julie S. California, USA

    I no longer suffer from hot flashes.

    Julie S. California, USA

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  • Jonah, Somerset, UK

    Haven of calm.  

    Jonah, Somerset, UK

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  • Mrs. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ, USA

    I was suffering from menopausal symptoms, what misery.

    Mrs. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ, USA

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